About GK!

about gk

Gopika Kanta Dutta (গোপিকা কান্ত দত্ত- गोपिका कांता दत्ता), popularly known as GK Dutta and Raju, is a Social Worker, Human Rights Activist, Writer, Photographer, Journalist, Master Trainer and Speaker and has founded an organization called “SHEBA” whose mission is ” To empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, encourage peace and promote social understanding.” He is well known for his helping nature, positive attitude, and creative ideas and can easily come with a remarkably workable solution to most problems.                                                                         GK Dutta was born in 05th March 1985 at Dharmanagar in Tripura. His father Gopal Krishna Dutta is an entrepreneur and an Ideal elected people representative of Sripur Gram Panchayat since 1994. His mother Late: Amita Dutta was a housewife and well-known for her helping nature. He was blessed with two sisters Miss. Smriti Rekha Dutta and Miss. Sarbani Dutta, both are well-educated and well settled. Since his childhood, Swami Vivekananda and his father Gopal Krishna Dutta remained his ideal person. He is well versed with Swami Vivekananda’s life and his writings.
Since 2001 he has earnestly involved with all types of social service and human rights work and take a lead to abolish pessimistic activities which he observes in and around and also interested in helping others? Meeting new people? Making an impact at home, and around the country? He is also using his time and talents to provide hands-on assistance to enhance his communities. Through these experiences, he also acquire new skills, cultivate lasting friendships meet challenges head-on and learn a lot about them in the process.


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